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Guardian ad Litem


A guardian ad litem is a guardian appointed by a court to protect the interests of a minor or incompetent in a particular matter. State law and local court rules govern the appointment of guardian ad litems. Typically, the court may appoint either a lawyer or a court appointed special advocate volunteer to serve as guardian ad litem in juvenile matters, family court matters, probate matters, and domestic relations matters. The guardian ad litem is not expected to make diagnostic or therapeutic recommendations but is expected to provide an information base from which to draw resources. As authorized by law the guardian ad litem may present evidence and ensure that, where appropriate, witnesses are called and examined, including, but not limited to, foster parents and psychiatric, psychological, medical, or other expert witnesses


.A guardian ad litem must observe all statutes, rules and regulations concerning confidentiality. A guardian ad litem shall not disclose information or participate in the disclosure of information relating to an appointed case to any person who is not a party to the case, except as necessary to perform the guardian ad litem duties or as may be specifically provided by law.


Divorce Mediation


Integrity ~ Compassion ~ Resolution


Mediation offers an opportunity to settle disputes and negotiate a fair and equitable agreement between parties in a non-threatening private, respectful and confidential manner.  Mediation is a completely voluntary process.  It is also a cost effective alternative to litigation and affords you the opportunity to drive the process rather than experiencing a court-driven and often adverse process.


Mediation consists of meetings facilitated by your mediator that are intended to assist you in negotiating your agreement.  The process will include each side presenting their views and your mediator assisting you in reaching a fair resolution to the issues presented.


The process is finalized with a written Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) completed by your mediator that will outline all of the details of your agreement.  The MOA is a non-binding agreement.  The parties then bring the Memorandum of Agreement to a court hearing to establish an order.


What you can expect...

·         A safe, non-threatening and respectful environment

·         A private and confidential manner of settling disputes

·         Confidence that all sides will be heard and that the agreement reached will be fair and equitable



Embryo Adoption


Embryo donation and adoption is one of the newest ways to adopt. Embryo adoption has become more widely available as science and technology has developed to assist couples in overcoming infertility.  It works like this: a couple typically undergoing in vitro fertilization is successful in creating a number of embryos.  Some are "transferred" at the time of the IVF cycle and the remaining embryos are cryopreserved or "frozen".  Often there are a large number of embryos created - more than one family can typically provide for.  The remaining embryos remain cryopreserved or frozen until the family determines what to do with them.  The options include: donating them to science for research, allowing them to thaw and thereby dispose of the embryos or donate them to another family who need help in building their family.


Donating parent(s) ~ Sometimes the decision around what to do with your remaining embryos becomes painful and complicated.  There are many factors to consider.  Are you truly finished building your family?  How do you feel about another couple raising your genetic or semi-genetic children?  How do you feel about your children having full siblings living with other parents?  Are there certain religious considerations for you?  How do decide how many children are feasible for you to raise - emotionally, financially, etc.?  We can support you through this complicated maze as well as offer you support through the grief and loss process of your embryos and move toward peaceful resolution.

Prospective Adopting parent(s) ~ As an adopting parent(s), we offer a variety of services beginning with helping you to identify the kind of adoption you are interested in and offering supportive counseling and referrals.

Prospective Embryo Adopting parent(s) ~ Given the unique nature of this new method of adoption, we are here to guide you through every step of the process from evaluating if this is the right choice for you, to determining whether to go through a clinic or an agency, to finding the right agency, completing your home study/evaluation and supporting you throughout the entire process.

Embryo Adoption: What makes it so unique?


·         The cost can be considerably less than domestic or international adoption

·         It allows the adopting mother to experience pregnancy and childbirth

·         There are over 600,000 cryopreserved embryos in the United States

·         Can also be a cost effective alternative to IVF and/or egg donation

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