Training is available and designed in collaboration to ensure that your organizational needs are met.  Some areas we specialize in are:

  • Trauma focused services

  • Trauma-informed care

  • Vicarious trauma / compassion fatigue - human service professionals, health care, first responders, law enforcement

  • Worker safety in the field

  • Mindfulness

  • Co-occurring disorders

  • Stages of Change / Motivational interviewing

  • Effective parenting strategies - research based

  • Evidence-based practices

  • Cultivating compassionate presence





Consultation services are offered in a flexible and individually tailored way to organizations interested in:


  • Defining and implementing trauma-informed care and services

  • Incorporating mindfulness into various settings including education, criminal justice, child welfare and behavioral health 

  • Behavioral health supervision and case consultation to individuals and organizations

  • Trauma-informed care - systemic implementation 

  • Program development and implementation

  • Increasing employee satisfaction along with building a culture that supports health and wellness and inhibits the development of vicarious trauma

  • Evidence-based practice - program oversight / implementation / adherence to model fidelity




Participant Feedback:


"Michelle was energetic, warm and funny.  She wasn't just presenting, she was real." - JL


"Michelle was engaged, knowledgeable and genuine.  It was well worth the time and very eye opening." - Anonymous


"The thoughtful presentation that allowed for interaction, communication and reflection.  It left us with a discussion and time to begin to think about a personal and agency game plan."  - EW


"Very down to earth and in touch with my feelings and my situation.  Hit the bull's eye often of where I'm at."  - JG


"Michelle is great and an excellent speaker.  Love the way you think and make me think.  I find myself going, "yeah...  you get it." - KC


I enjoyed today's training immensely!  It was nice to get out of the patterns of just simply focusing on a curriculum driven training.  I look forward to doing this again in the future.